Ion Wave xp (Extra pH) Water Pitcher

“Now you can make healthy water anywhere without electricity”

“Never buy bottled water again”The Ion Water Pitcher XP is not only revolutionary, portable but also affordable. It is designed with 3 filter stages to create Living Crystal Hexagonal Water. The water from this pitcher is higher in pH and stronger in negative ORP (oxidation reduction potential) as well as a new handle allowing EZ grip and serve. This was developed for the health conscious individual or family looking to stay healthy and live a life without medication. Produces high 9 to 9.5 pHantioxidant alkaline water for “Wellness, Weight Loss and Anti Aging.”

Pour new tap water into Pitcher and shake vigorously for 1-2 minutes. It is recommended to wait 20-25 minutes before drinking the water.Most water pitchers filter only and create acidic water that is actually harmful to our body’s health. The Ion-Wave XP not only filters out all the impurities in your source water but it recirculates the water through the pores of the 2nd and 3rd stage filter compartments creating super charged negative ions giving the water not only strong alkalinity but a fairly strong negative charge as well. Healthy hydroxyl ions are created in the 3rd stage with the use of Alkali mineral stones that keeps the pH and the Negative ORP constant.
Strong features:
  • No Electricity Needed
  • Lightweight
  • Top Quality Filter
  • Resusable
  • Can Refrigerate
  • Great for traveling and office use
  • Easy to use, Just add water
  • Filters last for 6-10 Months
  • Creates negatively charged water rich in antioxidants
  • Helps remove tastes of chlorine and chemicals
  • Water tastes smoother and sweeter

The Ion Wave Spa Shower Filter Bundle

A shower filter with energizing minerals that remove chlorine and create a therapeutic shower filled with negative ions.

You save money when you purchase the Ion Wave Spa Shower Head Bundle. You get:

  • Filtering Shower Head
  • Hose
  • and Clip

When you take a shower and experience the strong smell of chlorine, do you even wonder what effects it’s having on you? Did you know that taking a hot shower is like drinking a gallon of chlorinated water through the pores of your skin?

There’s no need for concern any longer. The new Ion Wave Spa Shower Filter renders the chlorine in your shower water harmless. The energizing minerals in the filter, which include Tourmaline, Geranium, Far-Infrared Stone and Medical Stone, creates a healthful atmosphere, filled with negative ions and far infrared radiation.

You’re protected from chlorine. It gives you a luxurious spa-like shower experience with 8 different spray and massage modes.

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