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Hi Everyone! Truly, the right perspective makes for a successful transformation! If your financial challenges seem overwhelming and oppressive for you right now; if you’re feeling stuck, this is a great reason to build a new home-based business. Consider becoming financially independent stay at home as a Consultant or Marketer today! The openings I have posted have the ability to be your retirement. Take a close look at each opportunity.

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If you believe in the benefits of organic foods rich in probiotics, working with a company whose motto is “Change your diet. Change your life. Change your world.”, then becoming an Independent Marketing Director with +Beyond Organic / Youngevity is for you! You make your own hours; work from home; have a great compensation plan with amazing growth; help many achieve their healthy nutritional goals while helping others less fortunate. You can be an effective entrepreneur with your own home-based business. Experience a good many benefits of that go with working as a Beyond Organic insider and enjoy all the amazing products of the company at an awesome discount. Select the link here to begin watching an important video that will get you started. When you start eating these delicious products yourself, you’ll have your own testimony about the taste and the benefits.

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We live in extraordinary times. Important to remember you have options. The opportunities presented above can empower you toward stability. 

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Incrediwear : Braces and Socks

Incrediwear is by far a most interesting a tried product. This is therapy without a prescription and accelerated recovery!

It uses infared therapy which has been used in Medical clinic for years to treat vascular and issues of circulation. Infrared therapy is also used by Chiropractors and Physical therapists to accelerate recovery. Many results show that most people who experience pain and incorporate Incredibraces into their regimen begin feeling better within approximately 20 minutes. Incrediwear has provided relief to those suffering with pain stemming from sprains, rheumatoid arthritis, cramps, meniscus tears, inflammation, arthritis and fatigue.

What’s wonderful about Incredisocks is they are heated to body temperature and release infrared anions into the body. Good anions are therapeutic for the body, increasing molecular vibrations and circulation. Additionally, the new fiber technology uses thermo-regulating properties that keep your feet warm in the cold and cool in the heat. These features make them very appealing and relieving for Diabetics, athletes, climbers and hikers to name a few. Also good for those who are bedridden. One more unique feature of the Incredisocks is the natural fibers are antimicrobial and odor absorbing allowing soldiers the ability to wear the socks for weeks or longer without needing to be washed.

STYLES: Knee, Ankle, Elbow, Wrist and Low Back
FOR: Athletics, Arthritis, Pain and Swelling, Carpal Tunnel, Increased circulation

UIC #10464

Make Great Use of Your Sauna

Did you know you could do Hot Yoga at home with a pH Miracle Dry Heat Sauna Model cONQUER  Sunlighten sauna? Increase flexibility, boost detoxification and burn more calories!

Hot yoga is believed to help the body sweat out toxins while allowing the practitioner to safely come deeper into the asanas (poses or stretches). The room temperature for a hot yoga class in a studio generally ranges from 30˚ to 50˚ C (85˚ to 122˚ F). Use your pH Miracle Dry Heat Sauna to create a Hot Yoga space for yourself at home.

In the Health Care section of the pH Miracle site you will find several sizes of pH Miracle Dry Heat Full Spectrum Far Infared Saunas to choose from. Dr. Oz talked earlier this week on his show about the health benefits of sound. Our SO Sound Acoustic Resonance Therapy fits the bill! Learn more about sound therapy and how to add it to your sauna.

Not All Salt Is Bad For You

pHMiracles’ pHlavor Liquid Salt
Salt Seasoning, Electrolyte Replacement and Mineral Nutrient

pH Miracle pHlavor Liquid Salt is a high concentration mineral salt solution created through natural sunshine (low heat dehydration) from the waters of the Great Salt Lake. It is a great tasting alkalizing seasoning for all that you eat, and it contains just 1/3 the sodium of table salt. It is great with salads and any cooked dish, but it is not just for flavoring.

Salt is also the body’s matrix system for transporting energy throughout the entire human organism. A deficiency of salt is equal to a deficiency of energy. pH Miracle pHlavor Liquid Salt helps fight that deficiency and provides a wholesome blend of other essential minerals naturally present in the waters of the Great Salt Lake. Unlike table salt which is sodium chloride, pH Miracle pHlavor Salts Spray also contains potassium, magnesium and other trace minerals and acts as a nutrient for your entire body. For those with sodium restricted diets the pH Miracle pHlavor Liquid Salt offers a wonderful taste with less sodium.

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Advice From The Dr. Oz Show On Anti-Aging

A Dr Oz television show segment on anti-aging offered advice about anti-aging. Dr Oz had a dermatologist on who was speaking about the benefits of Hyaluronic Acid. They mentioned that doctors now inject it under the skin to help to remove wrinkles. Then the doctor said if you have just purchased skin care products that have hyaluronic acid in them, that this ingredient will help your skin to hold moisture and it will look younger for about 24 hours after each use just from rubbing it on your skin. That sounds like a great idea.

In looking at the ingredients of our own Beyond Organic Advanced Anti-Aging Skin Care products. Sure enough, 3 of our products have a “natural source of Hyaluronic Acid” as ingredients. Isn’t that great news? You can purchase these 3 products instead of having injections under your skin from a doctor. The Anti-Aging Eye Cream, Anti-Aging AM Moisturizer and Anti-Aging Lift Serum from our own product line can give you get great results. The Lift Serum is a customer favorite. It makes a big difference when you put it on your neck, it sinks in and dries quickly…its clear and not oily at all. Wonderful!

Be sure to try it for yourselves now that you know this good news about our Anti-Aging Skin Care product line.

New Portable Infrared Sauna

Introducing the Solo System: a new portable infrared sauna. It goes without saying that this portable infrared sauna is of high quality and durability.

Most Effective Available

This is a wonderful idea! IT is like a sleeping bag for your soul. The Solo System sauna features  the unique…

  • Solocarbon clinically-tested far infrared
  • Zone-based digital heater controls,
  • Ultra low EMF technology,
  • Exclusive Solopad and pillow included
  • And sleek Bamboo Carbon design.
  • In addition to all that, it is portable
  • And affordable,
  • Plus a highly effective far infrared sauna.
Ultra Low EMF Technology

What a great way to treat your body to the healthy benefits of Solocarbon far infrared technology which is also proven to be 95% effective in lowering blood pressure -a great factor right there for so many people – increases core temprature and aids in weight loss. With the safest, clinically-tested technology available, it is no wonder the pH Miracle infrared saunas are the most trusted on the planet.

Modern Bamboo Carbon Exterior

The bamboo Carbon exterior offers a sustainable fiber with a variety of minerals that offer unique attributes which make it anti-bacterial and help with odor absorption and improve air quality. Bamboo Carbon is also eco-friendly, easy to clean and certified non-toxic.

Zone- based Digital Heater Controls

You will have 9 different settings on the digital control panel from which to choose. -It is simple to set the right temperature for your comfort level.

Double-dome, light weight design

Its unique, lightweight, double-dome design makes it easy to store in a closet or corner of a room.

Solo Pad

Lastly, the Solo Pad is the most effective far infrared pad anywhere. Put it anywhere. Your Solo sauna gives a more intense and deeply detoxifying experience.
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Solo System Lupus Testimonial:

“I have Lupus and autoimmune vasculitis. Before the sauna arrived, I couldn’t close my fist without pain (and really, couldn’t completely close it at all), due to inflammation and joint pain. After two weeks of daily use, I could close my hand completely without pain. I bruise easily, and before the sauna, bruises would last for months; after the sauna, they start to recent after about a week. My skin looks better – even my laugh lines are “gone”! My flare ups have been lessened, and for the first time, my doctor (on this past Friday’s visit) didn’t want to “up” my meds, because my pain is now under control. The improvements have not been only physical – my stress levels are down on the days I use the sauna. I am given that peaceful quiet time, either reading or just relaxing in the sauna. The heat is so soothing and calming….well, that “calm” carries over into my entire day.
I have referred Sunlighten saunas to my friends and to a Lupus support group that has an online bulletin board. I hope, for their sakes, that they call.

Even barring illness, I believe that every household should have a Sunlighten sauna in it. The benefits are amazing, the difference in my life everyday is obvious to everyone around me.”

Tehachapi, CA


The World’s First Hero Food

New Beyond Organic Products Are Shipping!

Great news! For anyone who preordered either Terrain Omega or our new Beef Jerky, those products have started to ship. If you haven’t ordered, there’s still time to take advantage of our special discounted offers.

This is not a formulation—it is an invention. This is not a supplement—it is a food. This is not a Super Food—it is a Hero Food. 
Terrain Omega is a combination of extremely healthy chia seed, which has been soaked and sprouted using Terrain Herbals. The two synergistically combine to provide far more than either can alone. The result is an inventive new food that is as healthy as it is unique.
The list of attributes of Terrain Omega is freakishly long. Terrain Omega has protein, fiber, healthy fats, slow-burning carbs, probiotics, enzymes, organic acids, antioxidants, raw, organic and so much more.

What follows is not a formulationit is an innovation or more aptly described, an invention. It is taking two already great concepts and marrying them in a way that has never been done before. I call it Terrain Omega, and before we get in to the particulars of how it came to be, I think you need to know what it can do for you:

  • Supports healthy weight management*
  • Supports healthy blood sugar levels already in normal range*
  • Supports cardiovascular health*
  • Supports healthy cholesterol levels already in normal range*
  • Supports digestive health*
  • Supports healthy energy levels*
  • Contains healthy fats and fiber to promote a feeling of satiety and fullness*
  • Provides 2000mg Omega 3s per serving
  • Provides 5g of fiber per serving
  • Provides 3g of complete plant protein per serving
  • Provides an entire bottle’s worth of Terrain Living Herbals in each 30 day supply

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
The benefits—the same ones listed at the start, are unrivaled.
Perhaps the best part is that there are two ways to enjoy Terrain Omega: 

  1. Terrain Omega Powder (1LB, 30 Day Supply) – mix it in water, with Amasai or in your favorite smoothie. Terrain Omega Powder is the ideal food to add to any of your favorite recipes. Terrain Omega Powder comes in a convenient resealable bag, so it’s perfect for multiple uses.
  2. Terrain Omega Wafers (1LB, 30 Day Supply) – a perfect delivery system, especially for anyone who wants to reach their perfect weight. Eat 3-to-9 wafers 10-15 minutes before a meal or anytime hunger strikes. The combination of filling fiber, slow-burning carbs and the healthy omega-3 fats are ideal for appetite control.  

CLICK to view Jordan’s 10-Minute Webinar Presentation on what he calls more than a “superfood” . . . it’s a “Hero Food!” 


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